A few words about us

Well... There are many companies and organisations that go all out to meet customer needs, many of which, as a result of a long-term process of staff improvement and thoughtful investment in strategic technologies, are supposedly able to deliver the products necessary for the proper functioning of their customers' businesses. There have also been those with salespeople ... excuse me – sales managers, will prepare a contract for the supply and turnkey implementation of any technology, at any time and with any result. There are also legends about organisations with squads of seasoned engineers in their vast warehouses, ready to meet the highest demands, specially trained to anticipate users' expectations.

* * *

Not yet, but one day... one day we will live to see... maybe not us, maybe our children or grandchildren... maybe the day will come when Anteeo becomes a true machine for mass consumption of contracts. Maybe we too will write software that doesn't work and the customer will still have to pay to fix it. Preferably several times...
But for now, we are a small group of software developers with a professional ambition to create good software and IT solutions. We are not made to solve your problems, but if you let us get to know your challenges, we may come up with a solution that is worth implementing. If you let us know the specifics of your business and outline the problems you face, we will deliver software that has a chance of proving itself. We provide advice and knowledge in areas where experience allows us to do so.

And we are most happy when someone says at the end that their everyday work has become easier thanks to our efforts.
We like solid craftsmanship.

Staże i praktyki

Firma Anteeo - Łukasz Izbaner z siedzibą w Starym Jasińcu k. Koronowa oferuje praktyki oraz płatne straże dla młodych osób poszukujących doświadczenia!


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