Telemetry and device monitoring

Telemetry is a branch of telecommunications which consists in transmitting measurement values over a distance.


Devices measuring a selected value are placed on the premises and then transmitted by automatic transmission of the collected data to a central unit (through wired or wireless means).  Radio systems, modems, the Internet and mobile phone networks are used for data transmission.

For many years we have been cooperating with ASTOR,a company specialising in the sale of measurement equipment. The scope of our work includes:

  • equipment selection,
  • data acquisition from devices and communication with them,
  • data warehouse system,
  • a web application for data visualisation and analysis,
  • control from the browser, tablet or smartphone level.

Equipment selection
We will check technical capabilities of the equipment owned by the customer - regardless of whether it is an industrial scale, a furnace controller, a photovoltaic installation, an energy meter, a CCTV camera or anything else ;)

Data acquisition from devices and communication with them
We will develop communication software and protocol converters to obtain uniform and comparable data from devices operating in any locations (we will propose a transmission network for devices within one building, one factory, many geographically dispersed locations or even mobile installations e.g. vehicle monitoring).

Data warehouse system
For 10 years we have been developing the Demeter system, which is a high performance distributed architecture for data collection and storage based on relational, object and serial databases. We implement the system on various architectures – from RaspberryPi microcontrollers to multi-processor rack servers.

A web application for data visualisation and analysis
We offer creation of reports, charts and synoptics based on:

  • Demeter 2 web application (it is our product of universal use – for monitoring and analysis of energy consumption, observation of production processes, collection of measurement data),
  • an independent instance of NodeRED (a data visualisation system from IBM, which allows visualisation and online communication with various devices – we will implement a ready-made solution and develop plug-ins for the system),
  • a dedicated application created from scratch according to the customer's assumptions (a programming service which we will design together with the customer and then program).

Control from the browser, tablet or smartphone level
We specialise in web and mobile applications which interact with devices and other systems. We are not afraid of integration and use of external communication interfaces. We often combine in one application: data from the customer's ERP/MES/WMS systems, measurement data from our telemetry systems, smartphone capabilities (camera, GPS, QR code reader, NFC/BT interface).

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