What is Aurora?


Aurora is a development-licensed system used for data monitoring, process visualisation, report generation and remote control.


Product features


By means of our software, you are able to monitor data from various devices. Whether you are interested in the temperature values in rooms, the state of lightening, energy meters, weather forecasts, etc. These and many other variables can be collected and then analysed to search for savings in utility consumption.

The Aurora system offers a variety of visualisation possibilities. Starting from values displayed as numbers, through icons to complex graphs.

Sample solutions:



Graph showing the operation of light settings with the period between 13 and 20 March.

Graph showing temperature values with the neural network learning process.

Graph comparing current weather values with a weather forecast.

The collected data can be generated in the form of reports and used in the processes of manual as well as automatic control of the settings.

The advantages of our solution are:

  • Modularity – allows the installation to be expanded according to customer needs;
  • Integrity – guarantees a conflict-free adjustment to existing solutions;
  • Wirelessness – provides data reading and control functions from any place with Internet access.


Versatile solutions

Due to the modular design, Aurora devices and software can be used both in large installations in public buildings, production companies and small domestic installations. Due to the simplicity of application, our product will certainly meet the requirements of all people who want to:

  • Have control over utility consumption;
  • Generate savings;
  • Remotely control devices;
  • Use a solution that automatically reacts to changes in the environment.


System components

License server: generates a key to activate the devices.


Mesqtt app: provides monitoring and control of the installation from your phone. For example, when the level of perceived heat is different from the average, it allows you to change the comfortable temperature yourself.


Aurora works with the Beacon Simulator App for Bluetooth communication.


Node-RED: a tool developed by IBM integrated in our system, with which you can create customised process visualisations.

Official Node-RED website


Savings in a test installation

The use of Aurora generated large electricity savings in a public building. Detailed data can be found in the table below:

How to get started?

After purchasing the equipment, all you need to do is visit the dedicated website, register and download the licence key. The licence key allows you to easily add the software to subsequent elements of the installation. In practice, the generated license key activates the first module – based on ESP8266 and gives it a superior role. Other devices can be connected to the main module in any configuration

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