SEO and SEM support

The aim of our service is to provide support to our customers in administration and marketing activities concerning their websites and effective promotion in Social Media.


In the ever-changing world of the Internet it is very difficult to keep up with trends, constant improvements to a website or social media accounts. Entrepreneurs running their own business have limited time to keep up with all the news and take care of their company profile.

Thanks to our support and mentoring service in the administration and marketing activities, you will save time spent on running these accounts, you will become known as an active Web user, and your business will not only exist, but grow in the cyber space ;) Let's face it, in today's reality, a company that does not conduct Internet marketing seems non-existent.

The scope of our services is to support the customer in:

  • setting up and configuring Facebook and Instagram social media accounts,
  • maintaining social profiles on an ongoing basis (send us relevant materials, e.g. content, graphics, and we will put everything together, refine the post and make it available in social media),
  • defining the boundaries for Facebook Ads campaigns, specifying the marketing objective you want to achieve, as well as setting up and preparing social media campaigns
  • setting up and configuring your Google account (including Google Ads, Google My Business, Google Search Console and Google Analytics),
  • definition of the boundaries of Google Ads campaigns, specification of the marketing objective you wish to achieve, as well as configuration and preparation of Google search campaigns
  • website administration (updating information, adding posts, creating and sharing posts based on materials and graphics provided earlier, updating galleries, website management, linking the website to social media profiles)
  • conducting an audit for the positioning of the website, basic support in SEO activities, 
  • as well as:
  • we offer professional advice and knowledge sharing on SEO, SEM.

If you are looking for support in the field of SEO, SEM, you need additional manpower, which will relieve you from the duty of conducting active operations on the web, contact us, we will determine the scope of activities and start cooperating virtually right away :)

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