Analytical services and design of IT solutions

For companies and organisations that are not operating in the area of innovative IT solutions, we advise and design systems to improve their daily work.


Very often we come across a situation in which the owner or key employees of a company know very well what the problem is in their daily practice, what brings losses to the company or prevents it from developing. Sometimes they even have a hunch that it could be improved with the help of some software cooperating with devices in their organisation or simply sorting out communication between customers, subcontractors and team members. Another common problem is the lack of precise cost calculation or too much workload generated by ‘paperwork‘ quality control or supervision of employees However, there is usually a lack of knowledge, IT skills or the time to deal with these issues. After all, it is necessary to find enough time to:

  • talk about the scale of the problem and costs,
  • find an IT solution,
  • integrate hardware and existing company databases (yes, Excel files or the contents of the mailbox in the secretary's office, or even the accountant's binder is also a database),
  • install and configure all hardware and software.

And after all this, to administer, protect against hacking and maintain this system (like any other technical installation), so that it works smoothly and is available whenever you need it.

In many cases it is not necessary to write the whole software (although we can do that too), usually there is no need to create new dedicated devices (but it may happen). First of all, we have to understand the role of the user and then provide components available on the market, supplementing them at most with elements integrating or exchanging data. Many years of experience in this type of projects supported by a strong team of software developers, automation specialists and electronics engineers allows us to undertake such challenges with good results. So let's start by discussing what we can help you with.

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