Outsourcing IT

Does your business situation require you to increase your company's human resources? Do you care about faster implementation of the projects entrusted to you? Do you want to take some of the workload off your IT team? Are you looking for a company that will carry out an individual project for you?

If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes – then use the outsourcing services and find out how much you can gain!

What exactly is IT outsourcing?
The very name 'outsourcing' is an abbreviation of three words: outside-resource-using. It means using external sources and consists in transferring various activities to an external company for execution (e.g. management of IT systems, servicing of computer equipment, design and development of applications). IT outsourcing is full or partial IT service of a given enterprise by an external IT company. Thanks to outsourcing of IT works to an external service provider, a company gains on many levels, including highly qualified specialists, IT service at the highest level, lower costs for the company and process optimisation.

One of the most frequently offered types of outsourcing are web services and application support. For many years now, outsourcing of these services has been eagerly used by companies. This is due to the increased demand for promotion on the Internet, especially by small companies. To stay on the market, they have to fight every day with the big players. Smaller companies usually do not have the possibility to create an IT unit to administer such services, which is why they willingly use such services as creating websites and online shops, web and mobile applications, as well as hosting. The implementation of advanced IT services requires specialist knowledge, and employing the right staff is expensive and not always cost-effective for a smaller enterprise.

Delegating part of the projects to an external professional software company brings many advantages. It provides flexibility of operation, access to a larger number of qualified staff without the risks associated with the employment process, maintaining organisational control, minimising the effort associated with concluding contracts, the ability to adapt the team to the current needs, faster implementation of projects entrusted by customers.

If you run a company that handles a lot of orders, you are faced with highly individual projects that engage your capacities to a greater extent, do not waste time on hiring and training further units, use the help of our company!

Anteeo provides outsourcing services, which means that we start cooperation with entrepreneurs who are looking for a partner in the field of IT solutions.

We specialise in the following programming languages:

  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails,
  • Angular (TypeScript, JavaScript, JavaAngular);

in user interfaces:

  • HTML5,
  • CSS3,
  • React Native.

Languages used in mobile applications:

  • Apache Cordova/Ionic,
  • native applications: Android, iOS (Java, Objective C, Swift technologies).







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