Industrial and home automation IoT devices

If your business aims to automate or optimise certain processes, you certainly need the support of IoT (Internet of Things).


These are smart technologies in software that can be implemented by an entrepreneur in their business.

Our engineers have experience in creating custom solutions using a variety of technical platforms. We not only create software but also provide support in building related infrastructure, e.g. in choosing the right hardware, starting from various types of sensors to cloud facilities.

Thanks to several years of experience and knowledge in the area of creating dedicated programmes, we have all that is required to deliver effective (working!) IoT solutions to entrepreneurs from various, sometimes very non-technological industries. We offer programming services both for the development of applications connected to sensors, solutions facilitating order execution at every stage, booking of a given service by the end customer, as well as quality control of internal software in its broad sense.

We deal with numerous challenges arising in the process of integration with technologies available on the market, providing our customers with complete and customised solutions. Our services include:

  • development of firmware and dedicated embedded systems,
  • optimisation of algorithms to eliminate capacity and computational limitations,
  • collecting data from sensors,
  • data exchange protocols between devices,
  • development of the IoT ecosystem,
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence,
  • device management,
  • cloud solutions,
  • full security.

Contact us and we will help you to create a solution that you have been thinking about for a long time but have had little hope of developing.

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