The Linux operating system and administration of its services

For many companies, as business grows, so does the awareness and need to take care of standard IT services to a greater extent than a free mailbox on one of the Internet portals. Then the answer is to buy or lease their own infrastructure:

  • Internet mail,
  • network file system,
  • remote access to company resources VPN,
  • WWW/FTP server,
  • messenger,
  • other network services, over which we would like to have full control.

It is no secret that companies providing this type of service for free (or at very low prices) earn extra money on the side by analysing this data and selling advertising or profile services. For a small-scale local business, the issue is minor. However, as the reach of the business increases, concerns about data security and confidentiality of internal information grow. The answer to these needs may be creating your own service based on commonly available and free software running on the Linux platform. Is it necessary to employ an experienced administrator? Yes, but not necessarily on a full-time basis. You can hire Anteeo specialists for this kind of service.

Together we will discuss the needs and risks associated with the launch of such a service, our specialists will suggest what security rules should be observed, they will launch services and will administer them, taking care of security and continuity of work.

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