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Our team co-creates the Metacores.com technology cluster – an initiative bringing together software engineers, graphic designers, system architects, electronics designers and other specialists with complementary competences in one organisation. As a result, we are able to take on really big projects that require a wide range of skills and experience. Within Metacores.com we specialise in projects related to hardware integration and design of dedicated hardware solutions complementing software solutions.

The Hardware Applications Lab within Metacores.com consists of the vast majority of engineers and implementers coming from Anteeo. We combine our experience in telemetry, control and processing of data extracted from vast installations with advanced algorithms, data warehouse technology and cryptographic security with support from the other labs. Since 2013, when we merged teams under the Metacores.com initiative, we have been trying to fine-tune group working procedures and tools for controlling the project progress in such a way that the customer not only has access to all the specialists necessary for his/her task, but can also monitor progress in real time, development costs of individual project elements and communicate with the hired team in the spirit of Agile.

Our customers value Metacores.com for its reliable and solid approach - by commissioning development work they are provided with a large and substantively strong team which implements the project holistically. There is no possibility of shifting responsibility or avoiding difficult project decisions for fear that there will be no one to whom a given scope of tasks can be delegated. Whether the project involves e-commerce and building an extensive multi-domain sales platform, artificial intelligence supporting the learning of bridge, or optimising the processing of tasks related to cryptocurrency trading – Metacores' team carries out projects from the first conversation, through solution architecture and code implementation, to the end customer's technical support. Many of our projects have been carried out on foreign markets, where the requirements and convenience of the investor dictate much tougher conditions for project implementation and adherence to high quality standards. After all, nothing stands in the way of Polish customers also using software development services at this level.

We look forward to working with you!

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