It is true. The best recommendation for a company or a product are satisfied customers and users. At the beginning we, too, faced a vicious circle of impossibility: no testimonials - no contract, no contract - no testimonials. But fortunately, this stage is now behind us. We found partners who were willing to risk entrusting their projects to our team and they did not regret doing so. Suffice it to say that one of the first recipients of our services, when asked for a letter of recommendation, sent us a fragment of Stanisław Lem's short story:

[...] the vast majority of those who came to me were the grey brotherhood of possession, people trapped in one idea, not even their own, taken over from previous generations, like inventors of perpetual motion machines, poor in ideas, trivial in solutions, obviously nonsensical, and yet even in them smoulders that heat of disinterestedness, burning life, forcing to renew efforts that are futile in advance. Pitiful are these flawed geniuses, titans of a puny spirit, mutilated in birth by nature that in one of its grim jokes has endowed their talentlessness with a creative fierceness worthy of some Leonardo; their only contribution to life is indifference and derision, and all that can be done for them is to be, for an hour or two, a patient listener and participant in their monomania.
In this crowd, which only its own stupidity defends from despair, other people have rarely appeared – I do not wish to name or judge them, do so yourselves’.


Today we can include a number of serious companies from home and abroad in our list of satisfied customers. Among them there are:

  • VERIVOX GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany: long-term cooperation in the creation and maintenance of a website (approx. 3 million visitors per day) developed in ASP.NET technology

  • PAR BAKUŁA SP.J., Gdańsk, Poland: multi-domain B2B application for partners offering end customers print designs and ordering promotional gifts via a website

  • LABENERGY, Bydgoszcz, Poland: data transmission systems, web-based measurement and visualisation applications to support energy management and search for savings in large manufacturing companies

  • TRADIS Sp. z o.o. o/Gdańsk (Emperia Holding): structured wiring and computer networks

  • ZGKiM, Sępólno Krajeńskie, Poland: monitoring system of a pumping station based on GSM network

  • ZOLTAN SPORT, Augustów, Poland: web application integrating online sales in several online shops (tailored to the needs of local markets in different countries) and auction platforms (Allegro.pl, EBay.com, Amazon.com)

  • EWIKOR Sp. z o.o., Świecie, Poland: Terminus system supporting the management and settlement of repair and construction works in the chemical and paper industry

  • POLISH WRESTLING FEDERATION Warsaw, Poland: website with content management system integrated with player, referee and sport competition registration system

  • OKRĘGOWY INSPEKTORAT SŁUŻBY WIĘZIENNEJ (District Inspectorate of Prison Service), Gdańsk, Poland: Demeter v. 2.0 system for monitoring and accounting of production and consumption of utilities (electricity, cold water, hot water, solar panels, central heating) in 9 remand centres

  • DALVYTRA UAB, Vilnius, Lithuania: CabinPlanner application for designing, pricing, visualising and ordering holiday homes directly on the website

  • SERTAL GmbH, Ipsach, Switzerland: applications MoSe (repair and installation support on a tablet), Inventory (warehouse system for the construction industry) and the SyncBox device (microcontroller for Anoto electronic pens).

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