How we cooperate?

What does doing business with us look like? We will describe it in several steps.

After being contacted (by form/email/phone):

1. We will listen to your needs
After you have told us what your needs are, we will try to put them into words so as to create a framework for the project.

2. We will define and write down the project requirements
We will discuss the required functionalities of the solution you want to use and then write down the assumptions. We want to make sure that everything is clear to our customers, we are moving in the right direction and the end product meets your expectations.

3. We will send you a quotation with our arrangements for the project and the pricing.

4. We will draw up the terms and conditions of the contract
In addition to the project itself, which is attached as an annex to the contract, we define the terms and conditions of cooperation, including how the contract will be implemented. Once the deposit has been paid, we start working on the project.

5. We will prepare your programme
When creating materials for you, we stay in touch at all times. If any doubts arise during cooperation, we ask you questions without undue delay.

6. We will present a test version of the project
The next stages of the project or the finished product are sent to you before the project is completed to be sure that you are satisfied.

7. Project maintenance and development
We are open and looking forward to long-term cooperation. We would be happy to participate in the development of your programme.

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