In our work we focus on understanding the needs of the customers and the specifics of their business. We do not believe in universal tools that can solve all problems. If you decide to develop software strictly according to your requirements, you surely understand this subtle difference – this is your effort and your budget, so you have to make sure that the solution is actually tailored to your needs.

For a layman or someone from outside your industry, these things may be imperceptible. Details and nuances that at first glance seem unimportant. But it is these details – the way in which you solve a given problem in your company – that determine your success. They determine that your customers want to work with you and not with someone else. So before we start doing anything for you, it's worth giving us a chance to develop that sensitivity. Those responsible for the project on our side need to be given some of your time – to listen to all the ideas, to ask questions, to find the right paths towards good solutions.

We encourage you to engage in this dialogue in the form of contact that is most convenient for you:

Telefon: +48 52 382 46 61

So let's talk. Tell us about your needs, tell us how important and how much it is worth to improve these issues in your company. Tell us where you see your idea for using software that no competitor has. Or tell us what software you're missing and your competitors are gaining an advantage because they have it Surely you have ideas on how to do it even better. We need to get that from you...

We try to work in the Agile methodology – it is a software development technique in which defining a solution starts with writing down the so-called user-stories. The customer tells a story in their own words, a story about:

  • who is the user,
  • how to use the software, what the software is supposed to do,
  • what goal we want to achieve in this way.

We try to propose the best technical solution to this story. We create issues that clarify this story, but at the same time are software tasks understandable for the average user. This is the level on which the solution is born. This is where there is room for additions, developments and side plots to your story. After all, this is how reality works. A changing business requires constant adaptation, software cannot be specified once and remain unchanged for years. It has to keep up with your needs.


Either we are able to implement your story, or we should not get down to it at all. This needs to be determined.

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